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In the beginning was a little shoe-last factory in the shoemaking capital of Pirmasens, a love of sports and the passion to make what was, better.

Today, framas is your global, reliable partner in the development and manufacture of high-performance components for the sports, functional and fashion shoes of tomorrow.

And we think even further than that. Thanks to our continuous development work, biomechanically demanding injection molding components from framas can now be found in the fields of medical and orthopedic technology. High-precision injection molding components for the

electronics and automotive industries round off the framas product range.

A leading systems supplier, we are an expert provider of solutions and innovative ideas for our customers all around the world. That's how we make the difference.

You can depend on our know-how. With leading-edge technology and our team of highly motivated and trained staff, we are at your service wherever in the world you design and produce shoes - just another aspect that helps us give our customers the decisive plus in terms of cost effectiveness, quality and efficiency.